Call Bird

Quick Millions

London, 2017

Performance with Emma Hoette and Joseph Noonan Ganley










Sir You Will Doubtless Be Astonished

The Drawing Center

New York, 2015

Performance with Emma Hoette and Mathew Cunningham











Mom, Your Only Girl Is Sorry

We Do Not Speak But Confine Ourselves Briefly To The Surface (a dramaturgy of interiority)

ICA Theater

London, 2016














Wall Murals and podcast by Beatrice Loft Schulz and Laura Morrison

Feral Kin

Auto Italia South East

London, 2017
















Bain Marie

Res at Enclave with Beatrice Loft Schulz

London, 2015


Be The Walls - Paintings for Beatrice by Laura Morrison 

Be The Unbearable Centre - Performance for Laura by Beatrice Loft Schulz










Hazelwood House

Sligo 2015










A Beautiful Girl Lets Down Her Hair On A Bus

Concerning The Bodyguard

The Tetley

Leeds, 2014



The Conch, A Forum For Critical Discussion

South London Gallery

London, 2014











Open studios with guest artists Julie Örtegon and Iris Jaffe

Pioneer Works

Brooklyn, 2016-2017








In The Field 1990

V22 Collection

London, 2012





The Burning Of The Coops

This Crushing Departure

Life Lessons From A Tiny Tree